Artemis Voulkidis

Dr. Artemis Voulkidis is the Tehcnical Manager of H2020 IoTNGIN project  and the Technical Director of Synelixis Solutions SA. He holds his Dipl.-Ing. Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering since 2007, his M.S. Degree in Technoeconomics since 2010 and his PhD degree since 2013, all from National Technical University of Athens. He is co-founder of Power Operations Ltd, an innovation-award-winning Synelixis Solutions SA spin-off oriented towards applying distributed ledger solutions in energy-related contexts. Artemis has been involved as senior researcher in EU-funded projects in the area of cloud computing, smart energy systems and cloud technologies within the FP7 and H2020 framework, including among others projects under FI-PPP and 5G-PPP. He has a strong scientific background in autonomous, game theoretic optimization for wireless sensor networks and is passionate with cybersecurity and cloud native architectures. The results of his scientific research have been published in high-impact journals of the ACM and IEEE communities.