After the very successful 2016 edition in Paris,  and 2018 in Genk IEEE Smart Grid is proud to announce that the 3nd international Forum ‘Smart Grids for Smart Cities’ will be held as virtual event in March 2021.

Worldwide, the convergence of data and energy infrastructures is used to enable a better life for the citizens in smart cities. Smart grids show to be a real enabler of such cities, by integrating a high penetration of renewable energy, facilitating electric transport, allowing smart buildings and increasing the involvement of the end-user in the energy scene; altogether creating a sustainable lifestyle for the eco-aware 21st century citizen. However, all these prospected transformations bring numerous challenges and opportunities, both at industrial and academic level.

In order to address some of these questions, IEEE Smart Grid, in collaboration with RWTH Aachen University, will be gathering experts from the energy, telecommunications, and computing sectors in the second IEEE international Forum on Smart Grids for Smart Cities (SG4SC).

As in the first and second edition, we aim at organizing a premier event with keynotes and panel sessions, featuring about 50 notable speakers, each providing a unique international perspective on technology, applications, standards and policy pertaining to Smart Grids as enablers for Smart Cities and other Smart Community solutions.

The Organizing Committee

Prof. Antonello Monti RWTH Aachen University
Prof. Ferdinanda Ponci RWTH Aachen University