Robert Van den Hoed


Robert van den Hoed is Professor Energy and Innovation within the Urban Technology Research programme at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS). His research is focused on the role of electric mobility in future energy systems, particularly on (i) the requirements of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, (ii) the integration of electric vehicles in the electricity grid and (iii) synergies with renewable energy and storage technologies. Combining data analysis, energy modelling, behavior modelling and consumer research a broad perspective on market developments in electric mobility is gained. Based on analysis of charging behavior, pricing schemes for charging, vehicle2grid analyses and evaluations of incentive systems in a number of sectors (personal vehicles, taxis, buses) the research programme aims to support professionals (private, public) in fostering electric mobility. Van den Hoed is (co)author of 30+ (mainly congress) papers; is part of scientific review committee of a.o. EEVC, EVS and TRA and is host of the annual Applied Research on Charging Infrastructure symposium (ARCHI) and Vehicle2Grid symposium.