Anna Mutule


Head of Smart Grid Research center, leading researcher, Institute of Physical Energetics (IPE), Latvia

She holds a PhD and MSc in Riga Technical University at 2005 and 2002 respectively. She has been with IPE since 2001. Her experience includes management and participation in international and national funded projects, such as EU-DEEP (FP6); ICOEUR, ELECTRA and SmartGrids ERA-Net SmartGen (FP7), Strongrid (Nordic Energy research). Currently she is involved in two projects – CloudGrid (Transnational CLOUD for Interconnection of Demonstration Facilities for Smart GRID Lab Research & Development, ERA-Net Smart Grid Plus) as a leader of the Latvian group, and An ICT platform for sustainable energy ecosystem in smart Cities (ITCity, ERA-Net LAC) as a project coordinator. She is member of the Baltic Association of Electric Power System Researchers, since 2007 she is an expert of the Latvian Council of Science in Energy field. At Riga Technical University, she is lecturing course on Power Systems and co-lecturing course Control system application in Power Engineering. Member of IEEE PES and the founder and chair of IEEE Latvia Section WIE AG. Author more than 100 scientific papers and 2 monographs. Her research is focused on power systems planning, energy efficiency solutions and smart grid technologies.