Anna-Maria Dumitrescu


Dr. Ana-Maria DUMITRESCU graduated as an engineer in Electrical Engineering in 2003 and received the Ph.D. from the Politehnica University of Bucharest in 2012. She started as an Assistant Professor at the Electrical Machines, Materials and Drives Department in the same University in 2005, becoming a Lecturer in 2013. She has worked on 9 national and 12 international projects and has co-authored more than 60 papers in the electrical engineering field. She was UPB’s team leader in H2020 FLEXMETER project and is currently leading UPB’s work in the ERA-NET LAC ITCity project. Her area of interest includes: control strategies, electrical drives, power quality, electrical measurements. Dr. Dumitrescu is currently working on deriving load curves and implementing control strategies based on high reporting rate smart meter data, on improving a control strategy for active power filters and on implementing data aggregation algorithms for electrical quantities. She is an active IEEE member since 2009, especially volunteering for the IEEE-IMS Romania Chapter and was part of the local and technical committee of several international conferences and workshops.